We are a full-service photography and video company and can bring your project from the initial concept to post production.


Pre-production services

Your brief or concept of a photography or film project is the initial starting point of understanding your vision and end goal. This vision is to remain throughout the whole project process.


From the initial concept, we work with writers and our creative directors to bring ideas to life and on paper. In photography, we create lovely moodboard and in video we start not only with dialogue, but music, location details and camera movements as well.


Once that’s approved we can begin to scout locations, generate a complete shot list, cast models or actors, book the appropriate crew and generate the shooting schedule. Taking into account the budget and timeline, we maximise your options to make sure you receive a great video.



Production Services

Only when we have the approval of the pre-production stages your photography or video project, we can begin its productions. Although we are a team of three, we have a large web of professionals we trust and work with on a regular basis, so we are always set up for everything from one-day shoots to lengthy, off-site projects. Throughout the entire process we will work closely with you to ensure the video is representative of your vision.


At we will do our best to ensure that the shooting schedule is done

on time and within budget.



Post production services

After shooting your video we will move into the post-production phase, where the project really begins to take shape. We will retouch the photo, edit the video, as well as add any graphics and sound. Our team is constantly touching base to ensure that the project has a unified feel throughout and successfully communicates your brand and story.


Our clients often come back to us and those relationships are very important to us as we strive to be innovative and offer new and exciting video and photography solutions for them.


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